We invite companies-manufacturers of thermal equipment, manufacturers of equipment for catering companies, manufacturers of household electric stoves and table tiles. For manufacturers we offer products of our production which have certificates of conformity, pass 100% initial control, the guarantee for all range of products is provided. We guarantee regular deliveries on pre-arranged terms. The pricing policy for the products of our production for manufacturers will be as loyal as possible, to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.

Please visit the following sections of our catalog:

  • complete set of household electric stoves and table electric stoves
  • complete set of plates for public catering establishments
  • complete set of confectionery and baking equipment
  • complete set of boilers

For companies engaged in servicing thermal equipment, which uses electric heaters and hotplates, we offer the manufacture of heating elements to individual orders.

We can also offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation to the implementers of electric heaters and hotplates.

We will be glad to receive commercial offers for materials for production of heating elements and electric hotplates, namely:

  • stainless steel pipe, thin-walled copper with diameters of 7.5 mm; 10 mm; 12 mm; 16 mm.
  • resistance wire (nichrome, fechral) with diameters up to 1 mm
  • wire corrosion-proof 1,0mm 1,1mm 1,2mm
  • electrical periclase (MgO)
  • cast iron

With Your offers, please contact the Department (contact information)