Heater to the boiler 1200-2000W 220V on the flange 1 1/4”

from 356.40 hrn hrn/pc

Heater 1200-2000W 220V is suitable for all brands of electric water heaters (boilers) that use this type of heating elements. Heater for the boiler is made of high quality copper pipe and modern equipment.

Код РИВШ.681827.Voltage (V)Power (W)Heating element materialDiameter of heating elementsL, мм
356.40 hrn hrn/pc
356.40 hrn hrn/pc
General information

The heating element for the Electron-T boiler is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 60335-1: 2015 and GOST 19108-81. Manufacturing processes and the product itself are certified and meet European standards ISO and TUV NORD. At purchase of heater for a boiler the passport for a product is issued.

Recommendations for the installation and operation of the boiler heater:

All safety requirements must be met in accordance with the operating documents for the boiler (Electric water heaters, boiler).
Installation or replacement of the boiler heater must be carried out by certified specialists.
Use copper heating element only for water heating.
To control the water temperature it is necessary to install a thermostat.
A magnesium anode must be installed for long-term operation of the boiler heater.
For better sealing of the heating element to the flange it is necessary to install a sealing ring.
Heating elements is a very important element for the water heater, so its operation must be carefully monitored.