Heater to the boiler 1200-3000W 220V on a flange of 48 mm with release

from 346.80 hrn hrn/pc

Heaters for household electric water heater (boiler) on a flange of 48 mm with release Thermex, Ariston, Electrolux, Gorenje, Galmet, Ferroli, Fismar, Round, Inner, Liko, Classic, Alpari, Fox, Braun, Реал, DeLuxe. Heaters for a boiler is made of a qualitative copper pipe on the modern equipment.

Код РИВШ.681827.Voltage (V)Power (W)Heating element materialDiameter of heating elementsL, мм
346.80 hrn hrn/pc
346.80 hrn hrn/pc
393.60 hrn hrn/pc
393.60 hrn hrn/pc
General information

The heating element for the Electron-T boiler is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 60335-1: 2015 and GOST 19108-81. Manufacturing processes and the product itself are certified and meet European standards ISO and TUV NORD. At purchase of  heating elements for a boiler the passport on a product is issued.

Recommendations for the installation and operation of the boiler heater:

All safety requirements must be met in accordance with the operating documents for the boiler (Electric water heaters, boiler).
Installation or replacement of the boiler heater must be carried out by certified specialists.
Use copper heating element only for water heating.
To control the water temperature it is necessary to install a thermostat.
A magnesium anode must be installed for long-term operation of the boiler heater.
For better sealing of the heating element to the flange it is necessary to install a sealing ring.
Heating elements is a very important element for the water heater, so its operation must be carefully monitored.

Suitable for the following models of Ariston boilers:

BrandModelIndustrial codeBrandModelIndustrial code
Aristonabs blu eco 50 v3700287Aristonabs pro r inox 100 v3700390
Aristonabs blu eco 80 v3700288Aristonabs pro r inox 30 v slim3704044
Aristonabs blu eco 100 v3700289Aristonabs sghp 30 v slim3704022
Aristonabs blu eco 30 v slim3704030Aristonabs sghp 40 v slim3700125
Aristonabs blu eco 50 v slim3700267Aristonabs sghp 50 v slim3700126
Aristonabs blu eco 65 v slim3700268Aristonabs sghp 65 v slim3700127
Aristonabs blu eco 80 v slim3700269Aristonabs sghp 80 v slim3700128
Aristonabs blu r 50 v3700262Aristonabs sghp 50 v3700118
Aristonabs blu r 80 v3700263Aristonabs sghp 80 v3700119
Aristonabs blu r 100 v3700264Aristonabs sghp 100 v3700120
Aristonabs blu r 30 v slim3704032Aristonabs slv 30 v slim3704020
Aristonabs blu r 50 v slim3700274Aristonabs slv 40 v slim3700104
Aristonabs blu r 65 v slim3700275Aristonabs slv 50 v slim3700105
Aristonabs blu r 80 v slim3700276Aristonabs slv 65 v slim3700106
Aristonabs blu r inox 40 v slim700407Aristonabs slv 80 v slim3700107
Aristonabs blu r inox 65 v slim3700408Aristonabs slv 50 v3700097
Aristonabs plt 50 v3700111Aristonabs slv 80 v3700098
Aristonabs plt 80 v3700112Aristonabs slv 100 v3700099
Aristonabs plt 100 v3700113Aristonpro r 50 v3700206
Aristonabs plt 30 v slim3700153Aristonpro r 80 v3700207
Aristonabs plt 50 v slim3700114Aristonpro r 100 v3700208
Aristonabs plt 65 v slim3700115Aristonsg 50 (sp)3700038
Aristonabs plt 80 v slim3700151Aristonsg 80 (sp)3700039
Aristonabs plt eco 50 v3700187Aristonsg 50 r3700066
Aristonabs plt eco 80 v3700188Aristonsg 80 r3700067
Aristonabs plt eco 100 v3700189Aristonsg 100 r3700068
Aristonabs plt eco 30 v slim3700190Aristonsg 50869371
Aristonabs plt eco 50 v slim3700191Aristonsg 80869372
Aristonabs plt eco 65 v slim3700192Aristonsg 100869373
Aristonabs plt eco 80 v slim3700193Aristonsghp 30 v slim370400
Aristonabs plt r 50 v3700307Aristonsghp 40 v slim3700076
Aristonabs plt r 80 v3700308Aristonsghp 50 v slim3700005
Aristonabs plt r 100 v3700309Aristonsghp 65 v slim3700006
Aristonabs plt r 30 v slim3704036Aristonsghp 80 v slim3700035
Aristonabs pro eco 50 v3700165Aristonsghp 50 v3700007
Aristonabs pro eco 80 v3700166Aristonsghp 80 v3700008
Aristonabs pro eco 100 v3700167Aristonsghp 100 v3700009
Aristonabs pro eco 30 v slim3700172Aristonsteel tronic 50 v3700060
Aristonabs pro eco 40 v slim3700173Aristonsteel tronic 80 v3700061
Aristonabs pro eco 50 v slim3700174Aristonsteel tronic 100 v3700062
Aristonabs pro eco 65 v slim3700175Aristonsi-50 v506441
Aristonabs pro eco 80 v slim3700176Aristonsi-80 v506443
Aristonabs pro eco inox 50 v3700382Aristonsi-100 v506445
Aristonabs pro eco inox 80 v3700383Aristonsi-50 v3810040
Aristonabs pro eco inox 100 v3700384Aristonsi-80 v3810042
Aristonabs pro eco inox 30 v slim3704043Aristonsi-100 v3810045
Aristonabs pro eco inox 50 v slim3700385Aristonti tronic 30 v slim3704007
Aristonabs pro eco inox 65 v slim3700386Aristonti tronic 40 v slim3700078
Aristonabs pro eco inox 80 v slim3700387Aristonti tronic 50 v slim3700019
Aristonabs pro r 50 v3700162Aristonti tronic 65 v slim3700020
Aristonabs pro r 80 v3700163Aristonti tronic 80 v slim3700021
Aristonabs pro r 100 v3700164Aristonti tronic 30 v best slim3704008
Aristonabs pro r 30 v slim3704028Aristonti tronic 50 v best slim3700027
Aristonabs pro r 40 v slim3700247Aristonti tronic 65 v best slim3700028
Aristonabs pro r 50 v slim3700248Aristonti tronic 80 v best slim3700029
Aristonabs pro r 65 v slim3700249Aristonti tronic 50 v3700022
Aristonabs pro r 80 v slim3700250Aristonti tronic 80 v3700023
Aristonabs pro r inox 50 v3700388Aristonti tronic 100 v3700024
Aristonabs pro r inox 80 v3700389Aristonti tronic 50 v best3700030


Heaters are suitable for other manufacturers of boilers Thermex, Ariston, Electrolux, Gorenje, Galmet, Ferroli, Tesy, Fismar, Round, Inner, Liko, Classic, Alpari, Fox, Braun, Реал, DeLuxe, Arti.