Heaters to the boiler 1200-3000W 220V on a flange of 48 mm

from 346.80 hrn hrn/pc

Heaters for household electric water heater (boiler) on a flange of 48 mm Thermex, Ariston, Electrolux, Gorenje, Galmet, Ferroli, Tesy, Fismar, Round, Inner, Liko, Classic, Alpari, Fox, Braun, Реал, DeLuxe, Arti. Heaters for a boiler is made of a qualitative copper pipe on the modern equipment.

Код РИВШ.681827.Voltage (V)Power (W)L, ммWeight, kg
393.60 hrn hrn/pc
346.80 hrn hrn/pc
393.60 hrn hrn/pc
393.60 hrn hrn/pc
General information

The heating element for the Electron-T boiler is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 60335-1: 2015 and GOST 19108-81. Manufacturing processes and the product itself are certified and meet European standards ISO and TUV NORD. At purchase of  heating elements for a boiler the passport on a product is issued.

Recommendations for the installation and operation of the boiler heater:

All safety requirements must be met in accordance with the operating documents for the boiler (Electric water heaters, boiler).
Installation or replacement of the boiler heater must be carried out by certified specialists.
Use copper heating element only for water heating.
To control the water temperature it is necessary to install a thermostat.
A magnesium anode must be installed for long-term operation of the boiler heater.
For better sealing of the heating element to the flange it is necessary to install a sealing ring.
Heating elements is a very important element for the water heater, so its operation must be carefully monitored.

Suitable for the following models of Ariston boilers:
BrandModelIndustrial codeBrandModelIndustrial code
AristonABS BLU ECO 100 V3700289AristonABS BLU ECO 30 V SLIM3704030
AristonABS BLU ECO 50 V3700287AristonABS BLU ECO 50 V SLIM3700267
AristonABS BLU ECO 65 V SLIM3700268AristonABS BLU ECO 80 V3700288
AristonABS BLU ECO 80 V SLIM3700269AristonABS BLU R 100 V3700264
AristonABS BLU R 30 V SLIM3704032AristonABS BLU R 50 V3700262
AristonABS BLU R 50 V SLIM3700274AristonABS BLU R 65 V SLIM3700275
AristonABS BLU R 80 V3700263AristonABS BLU R 80 V SLIM3700276
AristonABS DACHA R 100 V3700406AristonABS DACHA R 50 V3700404
AristonABS DACHA R 80 V3700405AristonABS PRO ECO 100 V3700167
AristonABS PRO ECO 30 V SLIM3700172AristonABS PRO ECO 40 V SLIM3700173
AristonABS PRO ECO 50 V3700165AristonABS PRO ECO 50 V SLIM3700174
AristonABS PRO ECO 65 V SLIM3700175AristonABS PRO ECO 80 V3700166
AristonABS PRO ECO 80 V SLIM3700176AristonABS PRO R 100 V3700164
AristonABS PRO R 30 V SLIM3704028AristonABS PRO R 50 V3700162
AristonABS PRO R 50 V SLIM3700248AristonABS PRO R 65 V SLIM3700249
AristonABS PRO R 80 V3700163AristonABS PRO R 80 V SLIM3700250
AristonBLU ECO 100 V 1,5K3200469AristonBLU ECO 50 V 1,5K3200467
AristonBLU ECO 80 V 1,5K3200468AristonBLU R 100 V3200445
AristonBLU R 50 V3200442AristonBLU R 80 V3200824
AristonBLU R 80 V3200444AristonBLU1 R 100 V3201835
AristonBLU1 R 100 V PL3700532AristonBLU1 R 30 V 1,5K PL SLIM3700645
AristonBLU1 R 50 V3201833AristonBLU1 R 50 V PL3700528
AristonBLU1 R 80 V3201834AristonBLU1 R 80 V PL3700530
AristonBLU1 R ABS 100 V3700537AristonBLU1 R ABS 30 V SLIM3700581
AristonBLU1 R ABS 50 V3700535AristonBLU1 R ABS 50 V SLIM3700538
AristonBLU1 R ABS 65 V SLIM3700539AristonBLU1 R ABS 80 V3700536
AristonBLU1 R ABS 80 V SLIM3700540AristonCHX 100 R875237
AristonCHX 100 R869995AristonCHX 100 R3200883
AristonCHX 100 R3200814AristonCHX 100 V3200776
AristonCHX 50 V3200774AristonCHX 80 R875236
AristonCHX 80 R3200825AristonCHX 80 V3200775
AristonLYDOS R 100 V3201829AristonLYDOS R 50 V3201825
AristonLYDOS R 80 V3201827AristonLYDOS R ABS 100 V3201973
AristonLYDOS R ABS 50 V3201971AristonLYDOS R ABS 80 V3201972
AristonNEU NTS 100 VR 1,5K000003201518AristonNEU NTS 80 VR 1,5K000003201517
AristonNTS 1003200876AristonNTS 100 (PE)870001
AristonNTS 100 (RE)869732AristonNTS 100 (SU)869801
AristonNTS 100 R PL (PE)3200305AristonNTS 100 R PL (PE)3200955
AristonNTS 100V 1,5K3700356AristonNTS 100V 1,5K3700367
AristonNTS 100V 1,5K3700361AristonNTS 30V 1,5KSlim3704042
AristonNTS 50 R PL3200953AristonNTS 50 R PL (PE)3200303
AristonNTS 50 VR 1,5K NEU000003201516AristonNTS 50V 1,5K3700354
AristonNTS 50V 1,5K3700365AristonNTS 50V 1,5K3700359
AristonNTS 50V 1,5K (PE)3700357AristonNTS 80 (SU)3700260
AristonNTS 80 R PL (PE)3200954AristonNTS 80 R PL (PE)3200304
AristonNTS 80V 1,5K3700366AristonNTS 80V 1,5K3700360
AristonNTS 80V 1,5K3700355AristonNTS 80V 1,5K (PE)3700358
AristonPERLA 100 VR 1,5K3201508AristonPERLA 100 VRTD/53200911
AristonPERLA 100 VRTD/53200163AristonPERLA 100 VRTS/53200912
AristonPERLA 100 VRTS/53200164AristonPERLA 50 VR 1,5K3201506
AristonPERLA 80 VR 1,5K3201507AristonPRO ECO 100 V 1,5K3200419
AristonPRO ECO 50 V 1,5K3200417AristonPRO ECO 80 V 1,5K3200418
AristonPRO R 100 V3700208AristonPRO R 100 V3200425
AristonPRO R 50 V3700206AristonPRO R 50 V3200423
AristonPRO R 80 V3700207AristonPRO R 80 V3200424
AristonPRO1 R 100 V3201828AristonPRO1 R 100 V PL3700591
AristonPRO1 R 100 V/53201437AristonPRO1 R 50 V3201824
AristonPRO1 R 50 V PL3700589AristonPRO1 R 50 V/53201435
AristonPRO1 R 80 V3201826AristonPRO1 R 80 V PL3700590
AristonPRO1 R 80 V/53201436AristonPRO1 R ABS 30 V SLIM3700580
AristonPRO1 R ABS 50 V SLIM3700524AristonPRO1 R ABS 65 V SLIM3700525
AristonPRO1 R ABS 80 V SLIM3700526AristonPRO1 R INOX ABS 100 V3700563
AristonPRO1 R INOX ABS 30 V SLIM3700582AristonPRO1 R INOX ABS 50 V3700561
AristonPRO1 R INOX ABS 80 V3700562AristonREG 100 VR 1,5K3201505
AristonREG 50 VR 1,5K3201503AristonREG 80 VR 1,5K3201504
AristonSB R 100 V3700065AristonSB R 100 V3200781
AristonSB R 50 V3700063AristonSB R 50 V3200779
AristonSB R 80 V3700064AristonSB R 80 V3200780
AristonSG 1003700040AristonSG 50 (SP)3700038
AristonSG 80 (SP)3700039AristonSG1 100 V3700513
AristonSG1 100 V3201502AristonSG1 50 V3700511
AristonSG1 50 V3201500AristonSG1 80 V3700512
AristonSG1 80 V3201501AristonSIMAT 100 VR 1,5K3201511
AristonSIMAT 50 VR 1,5K3201509AristonSIMAT 80 VR 1,5K3201510

Heaters are suitable for other manufacturers of boilers Thermex, Ariston, Electrolux, Gorenje, Galmet, Ferroli, Tesy, Fismar, Round, Inner, Liko, Classic, Alpari, Fox, Braun, Реал, DeLuxe, Arti.